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Ultra Sound is dedicated to offering our clients the absolute best fully equipped music rehearsal studios in New York City at very low affordable rates. This is only possible thanks to the amazing promotional support we receive from many of the finest music equipment companies. From our superb studios and equipment to our low rates, great service and technical expertise Ultra Sound is in a class by itself. Innovations include acoustical design & tuning of our studios using CAD and TEF20 Analyzer, 4 Jazz specific studios with the finest jazz equipment, concert quality sound systems, hi-end and boutique amplifiers, midi amp switchers, multiple keyboard setups, C Bechstein acoustic pianos and much more. At Ultra Sound.... Practice is Perfect!


ULTRA SOUND is committed to excellence and innovation in music rehearsal with our 16 State-Of-The-Art acoustically designed studios including 4 rooms with Jazz specific equipment. Our top priority is every musician who rehearses at Ultra Sound and our goal is to provide a superb studio where every client can experience amazing sound and music in a relaxed friendly setting that promotes artistic creativity and expression.

ULTRA SOUND features fully equipped studios loaded with the finest music equipment at very low rates. We offer amazing guitar amps, bass amps, drums, keyboards, sound systems and even free recording of your practice session. Rehearsal time is spent playing music not moving or setting up equipment. We are committed to providing every client an excellent value in quality music rehearsal that is unmatched by any other studio.

ULTRA SOUND proudly welcomes all genres of music and we take great pride in the multicultural diversity and genius of the various musicians who rehearse at our studios. We provide the same expert service and technical assistance to all our clients including recording artists, touring bands, unsigned musicians and music students. We are committed to supporting new music with very low day rates in many studios. New Music is the future and Ultra Sound is the NY studio where it happens. 

ULTRA SOUND is strongly committed to the goal of music education for all children. We support the music programs of NY schools and children's music foundations so children can experience the joy of music. Ultra Sound also donated and installed complete high end sound systems in eight New York City Public Schools that badly needed them. It is our strongly held belief that music crosses all boundaries and helps to heal and unite people - especially children.

ULTRA SOUND provides clients with the most convenient location in NY. Ultra Sound is located in the Recording and Rehearsal Arts Building at 251 West 30th. Street, midtown Manhattan NYC. We are one block from the worlds most famous arena Madison Square Garden, and a short distance from Penn Station, Port Authority, and all west side subways.

Service is a top priority

Our studio technicians are eager to assist you with bookings, mic setup, sound adjustments, keyboard and amp settings, miking the pianos, chairs, music stands, or anything else you may need.

Call 212-714-1079 to book your next rehearsal and experience The "Ultra Sound Difference"

ULTRA SOUND REHEARSAL would like to thank the following great companies who make it possible for our clients to experience the finest music equipment at our studios. They make excellent products and provide great service so you can be confident choosing them for your music equipment purchases.

Sabian, DW Drums, Evans, Pro-mark, Martin Audio, Midas, Lab.Gruppen, TC Electronics, XTA, Sennheiser, Neutrik, Mogami, Gepco, Planet Waves, D'Addario, Komet, Bruno, Matchless, Dr.Z, Victoria, Marshall, Vox, Diezel, Star, VHT, Mesa Boogie, Custom Audio, Suhr, Blockhead, Mojave, Cornford, Bogner, Korg, Alessandro, Aguilar, Glockenklang, Epifani, Bechstein, Yamaha, Premier Metal, Noisemaster, Egnater, Ultimate Support, Proudfoot, and Celestion.

New York Recording & Rehearsal Arts Building - 251 West 30th Street - 4th & 5th Floors, New York, NY 10001 Phone: (212) 714-1079 ... Fax: (212) 736-3287... Email: