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All our studios feature the Aguilar DB680 tube pre amp. Designed by Alex Aguilar, this is the finest boutique all tube bass pre-amp with audiophile quality and 2 band fully parametric eq for the ultimate in tonal flexibility and warm smooth bass reproduction.
All our bass setups feature the amazing Lab.Gruppen FP Series 3400 power amps except studio 8 which offers the FP1200 power amp. These amps have superb sonic performance, incredible power, amazing efficiency and truly are the world's finest high wattage professional amplifiers.
Every Studio offers 2 Epifani T-410 bass cabinets except studio 8 which has 2 Epifani T-210 bass cabinets. Epifani cabinets sound amazing and work equally well for rock, jazz, reggae, country, funk, blues, etc. The T-410 brings new dimension, clarity, smoothness, warmth and range to the 4-10 design while maximizing dynamics, articulation and touch sensitivity. Built with the finest components including four Epifani 10" speakers and one 100W bullet tweeter, it is able to handle 1000 Watts RMS at either 4 or 8 ohms. This cabinet has it all and does bass right.