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DW DRUMS (Regular Studios)
All our regular studios feature Custom DW Collector's Series drums. Named best quality and most innovated acoustic drum company in the 1995 Modern Drummer Magazine Consumers' Poll, DW drums are the absolute finest. Every kit is Timber matched, uses the true pitch tuning system and has each drums relative pitch written on the inside of the shell. DW Artists include Terry Bozzio, Neil Pert, Tony Williams, Joey Kramer and many more. You want to play the best drums in the world - here they are!
DW DRUMS (Jazz Studios)
All our Jazz studios feature the new Custom DW Jazz Series drums which are truly unique instruments. They hand-select only the finest North American hard rock maple and gum wood for Jazz shells and painstakingly match the drums using patented Timbre Matching to ensure optimal tunability. Jazz Series drums also come standard with a host of other features that make them the finest Jazz drums ever produced. You'll hear every note because DW Jazz Drums are dry and sensitive. The combination of a slightly rounder bearing edge, die-cast counter hoops, STM (Suspension Tom Mounts) and coated Jazz heads give these drums just the right amount of clarity, attack and body. DW Jazz Drums® provide drummers with yet another authentic sound; one that completes the history of American drum making.
Acknowledged as the world's most innovative cymbal company, Sabian creates the finest cymbals backed by total customer commitment. The sound is incredible, and so is their warranty which they honor for everyone. Add to this a "one price policy" for any finish and it's clear Sabian has no equal. Ultra Sound Rehearsal Studios proudly feature Sabian AA cymbals in our regular studios and Hand Hammered Bronze cymbals in our Jazz Studios.
Since D'Addario acquired Evans in 1995 these drumheads have become the very best. Evans has State of the art machinery designed and built in-house by a staff of highly trained engineers, overseen by company President Jim D'Addario, and they have raised the bar on drumhead quality and consistency. The sound is unbelievable. Durability has reached an all-time high. Plus, Evans recently became the first and only drumhead manufacturer to be certified ISO9001 compliant, a certification that proves their commitment to quality. More and more drummers each day tell us the same thing: Evans is "The Finest". At Ultra Sound we can validate that claim as we have 21 studios with over 70 drummers a day. The sound and reliability of Evans drum heads is fantastic.
The ProMark company is well known for making superb drumsticks and since D’Addario has owned ProMark these superb sticks have gotten even better. ProMark uses only un-endangered wood in the manufacturing of its sticks and mallets. The Houston manufacturing team works with the state-of-the-art machinery to produce the drumsticks, keyboard and timpani mallets that are designed tested and used by top performers, educators, students and enthusiasts throughout the world.