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Committed to Excellence
We are committed to helping you realize the guitar tone and feel you have always envisioned - sound that moves you so strongly that it inspires your playing and creativity. Our dedication to each client combined with our vast expertise and experience make all the difference. At Ultra Sound you always receive personal attention and we will make the process of finding your perfect amp a rewarding experience that is both fun and educational.

Amp Sales
We specialize in expert sales and service of the finest Hi -end, boutique, vintage and very rare guitar amps, bass amps, cabs and speakers. For more information visit our sales website and find out why we are your best choice when you are looking for your dream amp.

"Click Here" and you will be taken to our amp sales and rentals website. The finest amps and cabinets in the world.
Amp Rentals
Ultra Sound exclusively rents the finest hi-end, vintage, rare and boutique guitar and bass setups from the world's largest collection. Top artists, producers, recording studios, and back line companies rent from us when they need the very best for their show, recording project, session or event.
To find out more about renting our amps "click here" and you will be taken to our amp sales and rentals website.

New York Recording & Rehearsal Arts Building - 251 West 30th Street - 4th & 5th Floors, New York, NY 10001 Amp Sales: Gene 212-967-5626 or cell phone 646-706-1367....................Ken Volpe 203-247-1999 ............. Email For Amp Sales: