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If a studio sounds great so will your band and you'll have a great rehearsal experience.  Ultra Sound Rehearsal knows this so we hired the top experts in the fields of acoustics and live sound to design and set up our studios and sound systems. We also invested in the finest acoustical control products for studio design, construction, and acoustical tuning. These experts and products are on the cutting edge and the results are truly amazing sounding studios with superb concert quality sound systems. Our studios sound so great they were even featured in Live Sound International Magazine. Click below to read any of the articles from Live Sound Magazine.

"Viewpoints by Jack Alexander"...."Viewpoints by Doug Jones" "Viewpoints by Gene Sinigalliano"

Jack Alexander is an amazing man. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to live sound and he truly has the golden ear so many people speak of, but so few possess. Jack is one of the finest live sound engineers, an excellent instructor and he designed our new sound systems which include Midas, Martin Audio, Lab Gruppen, XTA, Sennheiser, TC Electronics, etc. He set up each system by ear and then worked with Doug (using a TEF 20 ) to check his settings and fine tune. I was shocked by how close Jack came using just his ears to what the measuring suggested -- it was really cool. The systems set flat sounded very good but then Jack tweaked each system for live use and the results were killer -- loud, warm, clean and very articulate with great vocal intelligibility. Our studios now have incredible sound systems that amaze everyone and Jack is the man who deserves the credit. Jack instructs on topics allied to Performance Audio at Columbia College (Chicago) and can be reached via e-mail at:

Douglas R. Jones is the Chair of the Sound Department at Columbia College (Chicago). He is a brilliant acoustician with the experience, skills and equipment to design great sounding studios and measure every aspect of the acoustical properties of the studio. Doug did the specs for the acoustical control devices and then measured the studios once they were installed utilizing a TEF 20. A small amount of additional tuning was done to correct minor acoustical anomalies revealed by room measurement with the TEF 20 and a laser was used to guide exact placement. Doug has a great ear as well, and in my opinion his expertise was one of the best investments I made to improve the sound of our studios. He may be reached via e-mail at:

A Broad Band Acoustical Trap was specified by Doug Jones for the back wall of each studio above the amps and drums. This trap runs the entire width of the room, is about 38 inches tall and is 6 inches deep. It is constructed of 3 different density layers of 2" glass with the most dense in the back and the least dense in the front. This trap really does a fine job of absorbing frequencies over a very broad spectrum. 

Noisemaster Resonator Sound Absorbers are truly effective affordable low frequency absorbers. These devices were specified by Doug Jones and they really work in the bass better than anything I have used. Each resonator has 2 internal metal resonators positioned in each end for low frequency absorption and they have a rating of 8.45 sabins per unit. These devices are the real deal for bass absorption in an area where most products just don't work. The Proudfoot Company, Inc. - Box 276 - Monroe, CT 06468-0276  Phone 203-459-0031 - Fax 203-459-0033 - (800) 445-0034

Noisemaster Wall Panels are used in our studios to tame the over ambient nature of the walls and ceilings. Lightweight Noisemaster Wall Panels are installed easily on walls or ceilings and provide excellent acoustical absorption. Noisemaster Wall Panels incorporate a colorful fabric facing laminated to 1" to 2" thick rigid, high strength fiberglass. The fabric is bonded to the face and around the edges of the back side of the panel, producing upholstered corners. Beveled or square corner edges add style to these lightweight, highly absorptive panels. They are effective from around 500Hz, and when used in conjunction with Resonators create a proper sounding environment for serious music rehearsal. The Proudfoot Company, Inc. - Box 276 - Monroe, CT 06468-0276  Phone 203-459-0031 - Fax 203-459-0033 - (800) 445-0034

Noisemaster Noise Barrier is a mass loaded, flexible limp, tough vinyl that reduces sound transmission through floors, walls and ceilings. Model B-1NR is a 1 lb. per sq. ft. loaded vinyl that is easily cut with a utility knife and is available in rolls of 54" wide by 60' lengths. It is economically priced and readily available. We used 4 layers of this in each wall between 4 layers of sheet rock with sound blanket in-between the studs and there is virtually no sound bleed between studios. The Proudfoot Company, Inc. - Box 276 - Monroe, CT 06468-0276  Phone 203-459-0031 - Fax 203-459-0033 - (800) 445-0034

Studio Design, Construction and Acoustical Tuning

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