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  • Two Martin Audio Custom WT3 - 3 way speaker systems
  • One Martin Audio W3P three way speaker system (for keys)
  • Midas Venice 160 mixing console
  • XTA DP224 speaker management system
  • Lab.Gruppen FP6400 and FP3400 power amplifiers
  • TC Electronics M-One and D-Two effect units
  • Sabine Power Q automatic feedback unit
  • Sennheiser 835 mics
  • Mogami mic and interconnect cables
  • Gepco speaker cables
  • Neutrick gold pin XLR connectors
  • Ultimate mic stands
  • Matchless Chieftain Reverb
  • Matchless DC30
  • Carr Slant 6V
  • Victoria 50212 (tweed twin)
  • Bruno Underground 30
  • Bogner Shiva
  • Dr.Z Maz 38 Reverb
  • Marshall JCM2000
  • Marshall JCM900
  • Mesa Boogie DC5
  • Mesa Boogie Nomad 45
  • VHT Pittbull 45
  • Aguilar DB680 tube pre amp
  • Lab.Gruppen FP3400 power amp
  • 2 Epifani T-410 4X10 cabinets
  • New Custom DW Jazz Series Drums
  • 18 X 15 Jazz Bass Drum, 14 X 5 Jazz Snare Drum
  • 10 X 7 and 12 X 8 Jazz Toms, 14 X 14 Jazz Floor Tom
  • Sabian Hand Hammered Bronze Cymbals
  • 14" Hats, 16" Crash, 18" Crash, 20" Ride
  • DW and Yamaha Hardware
  • Evans Jazz Heads
  • Yamaha S90ES - 88 key weighted action Piano/Synthesizer
  • Korg Trinity Synthesizer
  • Dedicated Martin Audio W3P three way speaker system for keyboards


    Jazz Studio 11 is located on the 5th floor and while it is the same Full-Size room as Studio 11 - We set it up with the finest Jazz equipment for Jazz bands.. This room is the perfect choice for Jazz bands who don't need as much space as our Luxury Jazz Studios provide but still want an amazing sounding studio at a very low cost. You get the finest sound system, 12 different hi-end and hand wired boutique guitar amps including Jazz models, the ultimate bass amp setup, DW Custom Jazz Series Drums, Sabian Hand Hammered Bronze Cymbals, multiple pro keyboards including a Yamaha CP300 graded hammer weighted key stage piano with their own dedicated speaker system, and even a dedicated speaker system for audio enhanced Jazz bands.

    Please note: Only Jazz bands may book our Jazz Studios due to the type of Jazz equipment and Jazz specific drums. Ultra Sound reserves the sole right to determine what we consider a Jazz band that may book our Jazz Studios. Any band that books a Jazz studio that we do not consider Jazz or that plays louder than a typical Jazz band willl be required to play the regular DW Drum Kit and cymbals. Please do not book a Jazz studio unless you really play Jazz at normal Jazz volume.

    New York Recording & Rehearsal Arts Building - 251 West 30th Street - 4th & 5th Floors - New York, NY 10001

    Phone: (212) 714-1079 ... Fax: (212) 736-3287... Email:

    JAZZ STUDIO 11 Large - (20' X 18')
    $26/hr weekdays before 5pm $40/hr evenings & weekends