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  • Two Martin Audio Custom WT3 - 3 way speaker systems
  • One Martin Audio W3P three way speaker system (for keys)
  • Midas Venice 160 mixing console
  • XTA DP224 speaker management system
  • Lab.Gruppen FP6400 and FP3400 power amplifiers
  • TC Electronics M-One and D-Two effect units
  • Sennheiser 835 mics
  • Mogami mic and interconnect cables
  • Gepco speaker cables
  • Neutrick gold pin XLR connectors
  • Ultimate mic stands
  • One JBL SR 4732A 3 way speaker system for audio enhanced bands to use CD, Ipod, computer, turntable, drum machine, drum pad, DAT, etc. (these are not allowed in the mains)
  • Matchless Chieftain Reverb
  • Matchless DC30
  • Bruno Underground 30
  • Vox Limited Hand Wired AC30 / Tony Bruno
  • Bogner Shiva
  • Marshall JCM2000
  • Marshall JCM900
  • Mesa Boogie DC5
  • Mesa Boogie Nomad 45
  • Fender Hot Rod Deville
  • Two Dr.Z Maz 38 Reverb
  • Aguilar DB680 tube pre amp
  • Lab.Gruppen FP3400 power amp
  • 2 Epifani T-410 4X10 cabinets
  • Custom DW Collector's Series kit
  • Sabian cymbals
  • DW and Yamaha hardware
  • Evans heads
  • Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano (88 graded weighted keys)
  • Yamaha Motif XS7 Professional Music Synthesizer
  • Dedicated Martin Audio W3P three way speaker system.


    Studio 3 is located on the 4th. floor and is one of our 3 acoustically designed Full Size studios. It is a super deal for 3 to 6 piece groups and is equipped with most of the same equipment as our more expensive rooms. This includes the finest sound system, 12 different hi-end and hand wired boutique guitar amps, the ultimate bass amp setup, awesome drums and multiple pro keyboards with their own dedicated speaker system. We also offer a dedicated speaker system for audio enhanced bands. Our affordable rate for this superb sounding studio can't be beat by anyone and rehearsing here is a truly rewarding experience.

    New York Recording & Rehearsal Arts Building - 251 West 30th Street - 4th & 5th Floors - New York, NY 10001

    Phone: (212) 714-1079 ... Fax: (212) 736-3287... Email:

    STUDIO 3 - Full Size (23'/15'x15' - L Shape)
    $23/hr weekdays before 5pm $38/hr evenings & weekends